How do I deal with this?

I met a girl almost a year ago in a party with a friend. I felt atracted to her but thing got complicated because my friend asked her out first. She rejected him but they have been in touch since then and he always talks to me about her... not sure why he does that but I feel a little jealous. He always talks to me about the pictures she puts on facebook but I can't see them. I have no contact with her because our encounter was brief and I did not find the right way to ask her contact information and I refuse get it from a third party such as my friend or simply add her on facebook. I dont know why but it has been a long time and I still feel that nervousness every time he talks about her. I dont know what to do... apperantly the only way I can see her again is though him but I'm not sure if he is still interested in her. I don't know if I should ask him if he is still interested and express my interest for her to him. I don't know what this can cause in our friendship!


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  • If I were in that situation, I would ask your friend. You don't have to express interest for this girl to him yet. I would just keep a low profile and wait a little--see the cards fall, etc. If he's not interested her, then I would express your feelings. Possibly, if your friend is okay with it, he could help you. Who knows? Either way, I would make sure to put yourself out there to that girl and find ways to communicate/hang out with her without your friend being there.

    Hope this kind of helps!

    • I have tried a couple of things to see her again or gain access to her through someone else without success...
      1st. I started to attend regularly to a place I know (thought) she goes to often. She never is there...
      2nd. I added on facebook another girl I met in the same party that I thought was her friend and I found out that they are not friends. (apparently the opposite)

      I know no one besides my friend and this girl I added that could bring me closer to her but none of them seem like an easy way to her.

      Any thoughts?

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    • What if he is still into her?

    • You have a few options: you can either be upfront and still confess your feelings and then discuss it with your friend and work things out. You can ignore it (but I don't suggest this) and tell the girl anyway. Or you can hide in the dark and never say anything. But don't be worried about this yet. Your friend probably still isn't holding on to the feelings if he's been rejected.

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