Girls, what do girls look for in a bf?

What do girls look for in a bf?


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  • an amazing... dick.. ;P lol.. jk.. :D
    well someone who is caring.. strong.. loving.. hard on the outside but has a soft heart.. loyal.. honest.. someone who has a good sense of humor.. that's all i can think of right now.. :)


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  • Here is my list:

    1. A smile (simple, but the best)
    2. Humor
    3. Gentleman
    4. Smart (and I don't mean you have to be super intelligent, just have common sense :) )
    5. Considerate of people's feelings
    6. Loyal
    7. Respectful (especially on how you treat women)
    8. Trustworthy

  • Someone that you can be 100% comfortable with. Like no matter who weird you act or something that would be horribly embarrassing around others. With them it doesn't both your and can tell them anything. Someone you can trust 100%.

    • Real talk <3
      i think thats a lot of trust and honesty and at the end i think thats what makes relationships strong

  • Uh I don't know what I want :x

    But I guess it's pretty much like this:
    • loyalty
    • adventurous, at least a little otherwise I'd be bored to death >

    • • can talk about literally anything
      • able to make me laugh, even at my worst
      • romantic
      • honesty/trustworthy
      • caring, understanding
      • no need for the sweet talks, prove it via actions
      • good listener
      • knows how to cook so I can save me the trouble xD
      • likes to cuddle 💙💙

      But dayum these guys seems to be extincted lol 🙈🙉🙊

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    • Come to Australia lol! 😂

    • Lol I need to save up for the plane ticket 😄😄😄

  • Honestly
    Adventure (even if it's a hike)

    I also want him to like animals. I can't stand when a guy refuses to touch a dog or cat.

    • get those filthy creatures away from me!!! lol jk!
      i love animals!

      solid traits...

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    • i am her dog lol
      we like to roleplay and she puts a collar and leash on me, and orders me around her villa... jk lol!

    • Haha, this is so someone's life!!!
      Jewels in the leash and collar, chef cooking wild caught salmon appetizer and duck confit with a lemon risotto main course, bed made from Egyptian cotton and stuffed with Hungarian goose down.

  • I don't even know what I want XD

    I want someone like Rupert Grint, he's cute, he's generous, he's funny, he is just amazing ❤️

    I like guys who wear Versace's boxers too XD

  • He has to be nice, not weird around me. So not shy, sorry I just can't deal with awkwardness >_<
    Average looking average build, I don't know

  • a real man who knows how to treat me well
    a mature person
    loyal/honest person
    passionate lover
    someone who will love me for what i am

  • A good heart, someone who can make me laugh. Ambition. Someone who wants the same things as me, loves me as much as I love him.

    • humor is so important lol!
      my humor is very vulgar... lol I don't know if girl like that though :(

  • -Caring
    -Understanding, (no one in this world understands me.. lol)
    -Loyal, honest
    -Can make me laugh
    -Will always be there for me.
    -If he keeps himself fit. If he's strong. That's a bonus. Lol. I like guys who prefers to have a healthy lifestyle.
    -Bit romantic, lol

  • A quiet type around others, but friendly. so talks if needed or if someone approaches him otherwise goes on with his own work.

    Wise/seeks knowledge/active /good conduct

    Healthy, fit, takes care of himself, a little religious, and great voice. 😊

    • sadly i dont have the best voice lol
      but i am quiet unless approached...

      good stuff!

  • my choices have always been random
    i just need a yang to my yin

    • i have a friend with the last name Yang, I don't know if you want to date him though..
      he is really smart, and already has made thousands of dollars trading stock...

      but on a serious note, i think finding a man to balance your femininity is important :)

    • lol, money isn't as important as having an impenetrable will

  • a faithful person with a great personality, ambitious and industrious, dedicated... and kind.. respectful... a person with morals ok? lol

  • Good sense of humor, friendly, mature and trustworthy.

  • He should make an excellent human-sized hot-water-bottle at all times.

  • I like a guy who's nice and mature and who's funny

  • Respect , their tall height, sense of humor protecting the Girl, should always pinch my cheeks lol and should be caring , a little bit feminine when he's around me. just a little bit.
    and manly , masculine , competitive and tough around his guy friends

    • A little bit feminine? Do you mean sensitive?

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    • Lol! Really!
      I do those things all the time!!! It's easy!
      And not feminine everyone should clean up after themselves and cook for themselves 😄

      Thanks for sharing 😄

    • Pleasure :)
      well that's cool then any girl will like you

  • Maturity...

    • lol! thats it?
      well you aren't picky, but good luck, so hard to find mature people nowadays

    • Hmmmmmm... I will try my luck... thanks. :)

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