Can anyone help a love-struck teen? crush problems.. ;_;"?

Hi Guys! I am of in need of some serious help!
In the middle of last year i had been noticing this guy in my afew of my class who i had caught looking at me, but i didn't pay any attention to it because i thought it was an accident. It continued to keep looking at me until at the end of last year he had tried to say "Hi" to me, 5 times in one day! One of the times was at the gym and i got so embarassed i couldn't say hi back :( But i thought he was very sweet and courageous for doing so and i thought about it over my school holidays. Well it wasn't until then i might actually fancy the guy?
I haven't said anything to him or made any moves on him because i was scared and now i'm regretting everything! It is only 10 days until graduation and after graduation i never get to see him again! I have been trying to make friends with his friends hoping it will give me an excuse to talk to him. I have also been trying to be polite and smile when i see him but he just looks down when i do :/ But when i don't smile at him i can feel him staring at me, even when i walk into the room or walk past him... ARGH!

What do i do? I was gonna ask him for his signature at the graduation or get facebook so i could add his friends in hopes he'll add me *sigh* Am i just being too reserved? lol


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  • I think you let a good potential opportunity almost slip by that could had happen sooner. But it's not to late. I think just go up to him and tell him you was shy and didn't know how to react when he approached you. I don't think you really have anything to loose because school will be over and like you said you might never get the chance to ever talk to hom again. Be strong and try to catch him bu himself. If you are to shy then write him a note and make sure he reads it and take it from their. At least if you try it's the effort that counts.


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