Lesbians and straight guys, How do you know if a girl likes you, what's it like being in a relationship with one?

I've never been out with a girl or had a girlfriend. I hooked up with one once junior year of highschool, and it was amazing, but dating them is total foreign land. I don't even know how to find out if a girl likes me. I used to be a lazy dater and open minded which resulted in me having a couple boyfriends, because they pursued me and they were good looking decent people so I thought why not try it out. Never worked. Turns out I just can't get it up for other dudes, as beautiful as some may be inside and out. But now that I'm actually semi- interested in maybe going on a few dates here and there with some girls and seeing where things go, but how do I know if a girl is interested? How do you ask a girl out? And is it even worth since I hear dating girls is usually mostly just drama?


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  • I've established a few relationships in my time... however keeping them isn't my specialty. :/ Here's my advice:

    -If they always acknowledge your presence whenever you are in a twenty-foot radius, whether if it is waving, calling out your name, making eye contact (regardless if it's accidentally or deliberately), that is a good sign they like you.
    -If they approach you, initiate real-life or online/text conversations, that's another good hint. Tapping you on the shoulder to get your attention, hugging, resting their head on your shoulder, really depends how outgoing they are.
    -If they act shy around you, it's a little more complicated. You have to observe whether or not they find your jokes funny or your stories interesting. You have to differentiate between them not being comfortable around you and them being nervous around you. The difference is subtle but important.

    -I think the best way to ask someone out would be in real life. Casually, no flowers or tuxedo or anything, lol. Perhaps it's best to, on your first outing, go out with mutual friends as well? Depends how interested you think she is.

  • Ifbthey stare or smile at you its a positive sign to go and have a chat

    • Oh. I always took that as a sign there was something in my teeth

    • Lmao then you have been squandering loads of chances

    • Gaga apparently

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