help what do i say?

I am interested in this guy who doesn't know my age. He is 25 and I am 18 , at first I felt like I need to tell him but in the end I want to show him I'm not some child and prove that we have something and until he asks reveil my age ! But I told him to meet me at Starbucks to talk about something ( something being my age) what can I say in replace of that?


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  • Age can sometimes be a big issue for some people. Some guys like girls ten years younger while others like girls older. It really comes down to how that guy feels about the girl he's seeing. I've dated girls nine years older than me and eleven years younger. The age is only a factor in capability. Sometimes it plays a role, like when I dated a nineteen year old last year and she liked to only communicate though texting. It's just something I wasn't interested in, not because of her but just how she was as a person, the generation gap made things a little difficult. Currently, I'm trying to date a girl several years younger than me but she's more like me, old fashioned. The point is, the age thing will always play a factor, just not a really important one. You can't change your age, so focus on things that you can change. You feel like you're matching him on his maturity level, that's important in dating. So when you go to the coffee shop, don't talk about the age thing because to you it isn't important because most likely to him, it isn't that important either. Just tell him that you wanted to meet him and talk since there aren't a lot of people you really want to talk to and get coffee with.

    • Thank you for your comment !
      I am glad to know their are people in the same boat so to speak !
      I have thought that age does matter to him he has said to a co worker " I would never date someone who is 18 , I don't date children.."!
      He obviously did realize my age when we made out but I am going to prove I'm not a child but someone who he can actually talk to and have a sexual relationship with. I just don't wanna go to Starbucks and have him say what's wrong , then having nothing to say in return because I wanna prove it

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    • So in your opinion do you think it would be wise to say that saying I honestly just wanted to get to know you better lol and then add a question for advice will diffuse the situation.

    • You sort of put yourself in a corner, so you did say you wanted to talk to him about something so give him something

  • go get him! that's me and my ex and we hit it off GREAT she was the smartest ex too =) very driven , honors, early college. etc

    i never judge someone just on age... =) if he does its his loss, you sound great

    • as for what to say, sorry i forgot to answer lol - you'll manage just fine im sure but i suggest being straight about it, ask him how he feels about a little age gap and take it from there

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    • i dont know where your statistics are coming from :P an older guy is highly likely to consider a legal 18yo hot girl with brains and who can converse :P

      it gets harder to find a good mate as time passes, more people are taken.. so when someone is interested, and younger, and still able to keep up... yes i question your statistics i think you are not basing them on real numbers :p

    • Personal experience ! Or more accurate lack of exsperience seeing as older guys don't really take note ! I'm not saying that this is the only older guy out there that would date me but at this time he has taken an interest and I don't wanna lose that.

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