I like this guy at work but does he like me back or is he a player?

I have been with my job for 2 months and he first approached me about a month ago asking what days I work and that he has had his eye on me for a little while, I smiled and said bye because my shift was over. I pass him every now and again, we dont work side by side, he works in a different part of the store and I only see him maybe twice my whole shift. When I leave for the day he always so :your leaving me beautiful im going to miss you. He always stops and says hello beautiful and the other day he walked passed me and said "im going to take you out. I want to get to know him, every time he talks to me I get nervous and just smile and laugh. But the only problem is I don't know his name and I don't think he knows mine unless he's asked one of my coworkers, he's never called me by my name, he just calls me beautiful and lets me know he wants to take me out but its not like we can stop and conversant because we work in different parts of the store and I think he cuts out a couple seconds to come pass me.


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