How fast did your dating progress?

Here's mine, tell me what you think.

-First date we had drink/dinner at bar and afterwards at cafe, then drove her home. Just getting to know eachother stuff nothing physical.
-Second date was a game, later by lunch and walk in the park. I put my arm around her and soon we started cuddling and touching. I could have kissed her our heads were touching and we locked eyes, but I didn't want to rush it.
-Third date we planned for movies and im thinking of kissing her first on the cheeks and then lips

I have seen some people kiss on first dates. So i'm just wondering if i'm doing it right.
Also she's letting me decide the speed and make the first moves. That's why Im asking.


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  • Any time you're doing it at your own pace, you're doing it right. Let it happen naturally, don't overanalyze. You're doing fine.

    • Thanks. How did your dates usually go? Are they all different? (I mean the successful ones)

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    • Huh so if she's just happy with dating you, she's waiting for the guy to make the moves?

      And here I was waiting for her to get touchy first lol.

    • When she's ready, you will know it. Trust me, we make it crystal clear :)

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  • Try to kiss her within 1st to 3rd date. If 3rd date no kiss go for/being provided, you're superb sure in friend zone.

    Try to have multiple venues on a date. You'll have better chance to seduce her till to bed. Remember, women want to be courted, and felt secured around you.

    • Well we did kiss in the 3rd date. Actually we could have kissed in the 2nd date when cuddling (she later told me she really wanted too) but I didn't go for it.

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    • Although I did kiss her neck briefly during our first kiss LOL. Just got caught in the moment. She didn't mind it.

    • making out will lead to heavy petting, heavy petting will lead to actual sex.
      You just have to know what you're doing.
      If you touch her somewhere else, and she shows ''unwillingness'' move back to safe area,
      OR sit down and have a rapport talk. It's TWO STEPS FORWARD; ONE STEP BACK.

  • I don't really have a process to be honest.

  • Wouldn't know, haven't had a date in 5 years.

    • Im similar hence why im asking. Why dont you look for a girl to date?

    • Impaired social skills and girls seem to think I'm a retard (I have Aspergers Syndrome). Plus, I don't really want one right now, anyway.

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