Guys, why won't guys talk to me (or if they do they only talk for a little and I never see them again) ?

I am 18, in college. I am quite smart and love to talk to people. Problem is since I have been rejected so many times I am constantly scared of talking to someone and failing badly. I tend to start talking and then have a hard time knowing what else to ask or say and they don't even help out by asking or talking too. I always end up being the one that tries to keep the convo going but I'm bad at it. But thats when I actually do get someone to talk to. Because most of the time I just sit there on my phone or laptop because there is just no chance for me. I do go to all the events possible around campus but still no luck. I only have 2 friends, my girl bff and a gay guy who could care less about how I feel cus guys drool over him... So yea... I could go on but honestly I don't even know if I have a chance lol. All of my family members and close family friends are basically all either getting married, having babies or already dating a really good guy. I feel really left out and it's not just the "left out" part I care much about, it's me actually finding someone and not being forever alone...


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  • You have more friends than I do :) if you want to talk you. An message?

    Also be brave, just because you've been rejected in the past doesn't mean it will always be

    • Thanks :P

    • No problem but never change for anyone, true friends will love you as you are

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  • Keep doing what you are doing, you will succeed. I think you will find someone.

  • I can see this is going to take awhile.

    How do you go around in your daily life?

    If you don't mind, why were you rejected?

    • My life is like living in a cup. It just goes round and round the same way every day. I arrive to campus, walk to the building where my 1st class will be in, sit down, pull out my laptop and try to entertain my self while I wait. I go to class and when lunch comes I just sit down, eat, walk around campus and see whats going on or hang with my friends around campus getting the freebies lol. I used to be in the pre-med club but left due to major switch and also no one ever liked me there anyways haha. Then after all the stuff in campus I go home and study, sleep, and the cycle starts again.

      To answer your second question, I have had many crushes through my like and I have asked the guy out my self since they never ask me and they either laughed and walked away or said "hell no bitch you are like a whale with penguin legs, there ain't a chance"... stuff like that... or I try to talk and they roll their eyes and ignore me completely... yea...

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    • Yes, all of the above.

    • Well I like the cafeteria's 2nd floor, sitting at my campus' dunkin donuts because I like the smell of the coffee. I like my psychology class and I like SGA. I signed up but still have not gotten a confirmation email. But yea, I tend to go to all the events possible...

  • its much harder to answer a rant than a question

    • It's an explanation, not a rant. Thank god not all guys are like you...

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    • which brings me back to my main point: you're not giving enough information to get a good answer

    • Alright, then ask what you need to know then.

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