Dick? or am I over-reacting?

Dated this guy for a whole year , he broke up with me, and since then he keeps coming back , we hook up, in other ways but we never had sex and then leaves... Its been a year since we broke up and now he left again... he texted me a day before my bday asking me how my dating life is, after insisting so much on how that knowledge will help him date me again, i played it off and i told him I've been going on dates which turned out to be nasty so the following day he completely went offline on my bday... I keep giving him chances but , he flaked on me the last time we were supposed to meet.., am pretty stressed about it, like why does he do this


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  • Unfortunately, he is testing to see how little effort he can put in in order to get physical and emotional satisfaction.

  • Alright, this is literally happening to me right now. He probably feels really bitter about why you broke up. Why did you break up? because this is what I am doing with my girlfriend.

    • He broke up with me, coz we never had sex, well i never trusted him enough to have sex with him, because i we were on a long distance rshp...

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    • Simply by caring about him... and i dont think I've ever loved anyone as much as i loved him... i used to pay half the bill when we went out on dates he was clearly a dick , and still is... buy him things on his bday... just little things that made him happy, i was there for him when his best friend died... he kept pushing me away but i still stayed.. thank you for helping me realize that he's a dick

    • But how have you showed that you have cared? Sinply stating that proves nothing. You prove it through your actions.

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