Do guys grow to like girls?

You know how you see movies and television shows and they portray a guy who has an interest in a girl to be all starry eyed and slightly obsessed with the girl and wanting her so badly and doing anything to get her, from the very second he meets her?

Is it like that in reality too or not? Or do girls typically grow on a guy? Like does it take time for a guy and a girl to start liking each other? Because my crush knows I like him and he said he's willing to spend time with me, but he's never acted like boys in TV and movies. He's never done the whole "I want you and I'll stop at nothing to get you."(But then again we barely know each other so, is that to be expeced?) he just being mature? The closest thing I've ever gotten to a compliment from him is him telling his friend I'm cute.

Is my crush just being mature and this is how reality is or should I be expecting him to act all head over heels like TV/movie guys.
Do guys grow to like girls?
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