Should I go for the guy outside of state or the local one? Is it cheating on, even though none of us are dating?

So a week ago, my friend told me that a guy she knows is intrested in me and would love to get to know me. She told me he thinks I'm an amazing person. So I agreed to get to know him. We texted but not every day. Now this guy at work admitted to me last Wednesday that he is very intrested in me and wants to get to know me. He knows that I've been getting to know a guy that's from Wisconsin. He asked my why date a guy out of state when I can date a guy in our local area but he said its my choice. They're both very nice and humble men that loves their family and both Christians. I dont know what to do. Neither of them asked me out. Its too soon. The guy in Wisconsin said IF we dated, he would fly out to see me. My friend said we can text, call or send letters. She knows that we both dont wanna be rushed into a relationship. I told her about the other guy and she told me that I should stick with the guy in Wisconsin and I talked to him first but its up to me. What do I do?
  • Get to know both of them more.
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  • The Wisconsin guy. He said he's willing to come see you so give him a shot.
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  • The local guy. You guys aren't dating.
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  • You're not cheating on the Wisconsin guy.
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  • It's up to you
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  • Both guys sort of come with a risk; the Wisconsin dude lives far away, and the other guy works with you which could potentially lead to an awkward working environment if the two of you were to break up.

    Long distance relationships are hard. They really are. If I thought the guy from work had real, solid potential and I really liked him, I'd probably lean more towards him. That's just me, though. Then again, if the guy from work seemed kinda "meh," but the Wisconsin guy seemed really great then I'd be all for Wisconsin guy, 'cause why not? You should make a pros and cons list!

    For now, try to get to know both guys a bit more. You're single so hanging out with the guy from work wouldn't be cheating. Just try not to lead anyone on, and be as open about your situation as you can. I think it's a good idea not to rush into anything.

  • get to know them both!


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