Girls, Today's her birthday! I bought a gift for her, should I give it?

I kinda like her. She says she doesn't have any boyfriend but she's very close with her ex. She considers him her bestfriend, she says. Today is her birthday. I wished her happy birthday but she didn't reply like for 10 mins. After that she did and I asked her who else wished. She said her ex (earlier than I did :p). He wrote an essay for her which seems to me she's very pleased and happy about. She said they're gonna meet tomorrow. There are currently texting, maybe that's why she's not replying me that much. I don't know if they're secretly dating or not.

I bought a doreamon teddy bear (cause she watches doraemon sometimes :p) and some 8-10 Maybelline nail paints (she loves painting nails). I'm wondering if I should give it to her? Does it seem too much to give as a friend? I'm actually a little upset that she's meeting her ex, cause you know, he might shower her with gifts and whatnot and I will be waiting in class with a teddybear and some nail paints : I don't know what to do. I'm a little upset but I will get over it. I just need to figure out what's the right thing to do here. Anyone please? Thanks!


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  • why would you get it if you weren't planning on giving it to her?

    • I was planning, but some new situations arrived. Please read the description. I still want to give it to her but I'm not sure if it's a good idea.

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    • Are you sure?

    • if she hans't told you she's dating him and she is... then she doesn't respect her relationship enough to be honest abou it.
      if she isn't seeing him then there is really no harm but you will make her feel good and show her that you thought about her and care enough to put effort into a gift.
      if u dont give it to her, you might always wonder what would have happened if you did.

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  • Sure if thats what you think you want to do

  • you should give it!

  • You are a real sweet heart and any girl would love to have you as a boy friend!! You need to believe that!!
    The one thing you do not want to do is to be used...
    If she really likes you; she should not be comparing you to her ex!
    She should be sensitive to your feelings!
    My advise is to give her the gifts as it came with a lot of thought and love; but if you get funny comments and comparisons... I suggest you move on!
    You deserve the best! Good luck


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