Why I still want to insult the guy who lead me on?

I know I shouldn't and he's been out of my life about 3-4 months ago but I still want to insult him for makin me believe that we had something that never exists cuz he always plan to ghost on me. even though he was always worry if I was going to stop talking to him or saying why i haven't text him. out of nowhere he vanished or started ghosting as some people say. it was like he had it plan. and i just want to insult him for everything. because i remember he was always joking about dissapearing, and then he would say i'm only joking.


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  • IT is normal to be angry, but you need to move along. There is nothing good there.

    • I know. and I'm angry at me. Normally i don't think about it, until I started reading certain stuff that make me reminded of him. and I start thinking I was so stupid for going out with him. and He just treated me like a kleenex and even block me. u think I should say what i think to him?

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    • sadly guys like that will get their own in the end... but you not make them suffer. It isn't in him to for him to suffer like tat His will come when he is a lonely old man.

    • I think I'll just say what I have to say to him and that will be it. I don't want him to make him think that he was totally perfect for me or that he did everything right

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  • You should just make him suffer. Wear some boots and make plans to meet him, and when you do, ram your fucking boot straight up into his worthless nuts as fucking hard as you can. Bring a chair and watch as he suffers for hours on the ground. If you are lucky, maybe you can even get one of those little nuts to crack open 😉


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  • you should stop doing that.


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