Very young girls below 22, could date or be attracted to a guy who shaved his head bald from premature hairloss?

I'm 18 balded early and shaved it down to the skin, I'm white and kinda pale as my skin doesn't tan. I'm small kinda 5'10 and 135 pounds but I fit my frame okay so while I'm skinny I'm not some pencil neck guy. And I worry young girls especially attractive, will be put off by it, please no feel good answers just the truth, and picture if a young bakd guy actually approached you and your response before you just say yes out of goodwill.
  • Yes I could date and be physically attracted to a young bald guy, hair doesn't make or break his looks
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  • No hair is a must for me, at this age I couldn't accept that
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  • Ewww, baldness is repulsive
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Most Helpful Girl

  • hows your face? hair i dont think bothers many girls especially if they find other parts attractive.
    If the girl (of interest) has got some kind of hair fetish THEN you maybe in for some trouble

    • So you personally don't mind no hair? Also could I ask your ethnicity? Random I know however I've seen another shaved guy who said the darker the skin tone of the girl the less of an issue hair is to her whereas light skinned or white tend to dislike it more, and to be honest I have seen some evidence of this so I'm curious as to you're ethnicity if your willing to share, consider it a social study haha. And nothing against either race don't think that, but I'm only really attracted to lighter skinned since I'm pale AF

    • Im white and I dont care if he is bald... as long as he is attractive otherwise. If he is ugly and bald it is a turn off. just the same as if he had hair.

    • well im ivorian korean so im olivey but on my mothers ivorian side, many older male like to shave especially since its so hot.
      no, i dont mind no hair

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  • I'd be attracted to any guy that was bald as long as he was a great guy and that's something you seem like☺!

  • Some people look good bald. It depends on the person.

  • I would be totally fine with it!


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