Wow be real honest?

So i'm 24. Yes i tried the dating game when i was 18-21 and everything went bad break ups etc. After 21 i began working on my own business so with that being said i was completely focused on my business for 3 years. In that whole time frame i haven't dated anyone. All my friends are wondering if i'm gay. Funny thing about is that i'm doing way better then all of them. They have kids and live with the parentals. I just bought a 80k benz. Now i'm not showing off i'm just letting you know where i'm at.

The thing is i look at girls and think wow she's hot but i don't want to date etc. Is this normal? like that dating mindset lovey dovey girlfriend thing is just out of my head at 24. All my friends clown on me because of this because i don't hangout with them to look for girls etc i just be on my own working on my business.


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  • I have always felt / thought that the best age to experience romantic relationships is
    age 5-16 ... your emotions are reasonable in my opinion


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