Don't know what to do?

It's a very long story so I cut it down,

me and this guy (let's call him Adam) have been dating for 2 month now we really like eachother, we got on the subject of children etc, he's already told me that he's got 5 kids to 2 other women before we started talking but he only gets too see 3 of them from his last relationship, I haven't got nothing against it but out of the blue he said to me that he's going to get a vasectomy done at the end of this month because he doesn't want anymore children, couldn't lie to him I told him that it upsets me because if me and him ever got into a proper relationship things would ever progress into the next stage in our relationship. We try talking about it but I always end up getting upset and we just avoid the subject, I really want to support him and his decision but it's hard when the choice of having that future with him or not has been took out of my hands.

I really like him and I want to be with him but I can't If you get me?, I don't know what to do? :(... Hope you can help


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  • Sounds like you guys aren't compatible because you have different views already this early into a relationship. I say kick rocks it ain't worth your time.

  • you might just have to move on, hun.


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