Guys, Am I scaring my boyfriend away?

Am I scaring my boyfriend away? I have an anxiety disorder... enough said. When I first date a guy, I am this cool calm chick that I'm sure everyone wants to be around -- then one day something, I can't quite figure out what, something will happen and then the anxiety around the relationship kicks in. The ugly side of my anxiety starts to appear -- it's like clock work. We've only been dating for about 4months, and the last month and half has been such a rough patch for us, that I can only assume he's ready to leave me -- despite all of his reinsurance he gives me, which I am sure he's sick of giving. He is irritated though, I know he is. He doesn't seem to understand why even though he is a positive note in mylife, why I still can't feel calm around him.

I've also been a little extra hugh strung, I've been dealing with other personal stuff the last month, so I'm a little edgier than I normally am.

What has to change around here?


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  • Talk to him about, let him know everything about it.. It will help him understand

    • I do talk to him about it. He doesn't seem to truly understand

    • Well it's tough than.. I had the exact same issues after my dad died, I let people know what they might see from me, but like you say if they don't understand it might be hard work for a while

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