How do I talk to the girl I like in college?

I sit next to this girl in my math class. We haven't said much excpet can I borrow your pencil or how does he grade this. I really like her she is the most beautiful attractive girl I have ever seen. I would love to take her on a date and get to know her. But I do get a little bit nervous around pretty girls. I have decided the next time I see her I am going to talk to her no excuses. She is all I have been thinking about lateley and I can't let this opportunity pass me by. We sit in the hall before class starts and I want to talk to her then. How do I walk up to her without coming on too strong. How do I avoid looking stupid. Any advice I know everybody does it, I want this to finally be the day I come out of my comfort zone. Any advice to avoid being so nervous and start a good conversation.
Wish me luck people, gonna talk to her this morning, im a little nervous but confident as well.


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  • Talk about school! Always works.

    • That was exactly my thinking, I was gonna walk up to here and ask how she likes this class so far.

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  • Sit next to her in the hall. It's a perfect situation. You only have to sit by her for a few minutes if things get awkward, and if they don't, you'll have a conversation to continue once you get into class.

    You avoid looking stupid by having a positive mindset and being confident. Say whatever you wanna say as soon as it comes to mind. Don't think about what you're gonna say, just let it come naturally.

  • Dude I'm 24 and still haven't figured it out


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