Girls, Do you Save Nudes of Old Boyfriends?

Last night I got a text from an old girlfriend saying she missed seeing me and was turned on as she had been looking at some Nudes I sent her a year ago when we where dating. I am okay with her still having pics of me.

i was in bed with my current girlfriend and she got pissed when I got the text, but I assume she knew I am not in frequent contact with my ex
  • i save Nudes, especially if the guy is Hot
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  • Sometimes, I keep them
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  • Delete delte delte
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I don't save nudes ever. I don't ask for them in the first place. Sometimes I get random Snapchats in which he chooses to share his nakedness with me but I don't save them and I don't return the favor.

    • Do you like seeing the nude pics when you get them? Ever got one from a boyfriend?

    • I have gotten them from my boyfriend. No, I don't enjoy seeing them. Not that he isn't attractive - he is. But if I wanted to see him naked I'd show up at his house. Pictures are tacky, lame, and unattractive.

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What Girls Said 3

  • Nope i just keep the current boyfriend ones. Though i'm the one taking the pictures of him thanks to Skype. :D

  • I have never asked for nor will I ever ask for nudes. Penises are ugly.

  • I delete them.


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