When you start dating someone, when do you add them on Facebook?

As frivolous as this sounds because it's Facebook, when do you think is an appropriate time to add each other on Facebook when you date?

A) before first date
B) after 1-2 dates
C) 3-4 dates
D) 5 or more dates
E) when the relationship starts

Im sure it'll be different for each person but I just wanna get some perspective because some people I'd date would add me early on and I used to ask but I don't anymore because if shit goes sour, it'd be awkward and there's been times where I'm not sure about the person yet. I mean it's good in the sense that you know the person is who they say they are but if you keep them as Facebook friends and you date someone else or they do, it's be awkward and they're still in your life to an extent.

Personally I'm starting to think it's best when things get serious. There's no right or wrong answer to this by the way.


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  • Oh goodness... I recently met a guy at a concert, we had a great conversation and friended each other later that night. Been talking a lot, hung out a few times. Now we're going to give dating a shot, but if it doesn't work out we will remain friends. This guy and I mesh so well too, it's very easygoing and we're straightforward and honest, so that's a factor.

    I don't think it's so black and white this day in age with social media and all. I would believe it would be ideal to date for a month and friend each other. But then again, wouldn't you want insight to what the person is like as soon as you could get it? Trust your gut, and if it feels right it feels right. Also, there was a study done that determines a relationship isn't socially accepted as "legitimate" until the relationship status changes to "In a Relationship" on Facebook.


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  • I don't think I'll ever add that person on Facebook. Even if did, I probably wouldn't display on my profile that I'm a in a relationship with her. I'd like to keep my personal life discreet from the prying eyes on social media.


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  • If it's someone I met in person, they usually add me before the first date.

    If it's someone from online, I probably wait a bit just to be sure.

    • Yeah, same here. You already to know what you're getting into with someone you met in person, at least sorta.

      It's awkward when you add a person or they add you on before meeting them and you find out their pictures were misleading. Puts me in a weird spot. And I'm gonna do a take on it sometime soon.

    • For example, recently I met a girl off tinder and when we started texting, she found me on fb and added me and her pictures were so misleading. Like in her tinder pics, she was a little thick but then on fb I found out all those pics were like 3-4 years old and she gained more weight since and had a double chin.

      It put me in a weird spot because if I told her I didn't find her physically attractive, it would have made me look like a shallow asshole despite that it's her fault for the misleading pictures. I mean there's a fine line between looking your best and flat out misrepresenting yourself. I mean people are gonna like what you have or they won't and you're not gonna be able to hide your appearance in person so it's pointless and counterproductive.

  • I'll probably add them right away. Like after the first date maybe. Although, in my case, I'm not going to date a guy unless I've known him for at least a year as friends so by then we'd already be FB friends.

  • When the relationship starts I guess. I don't have a Facebook so I don't think about that.


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