Guys, Why is it that guys always say I'm attractive but don't ever want to date me?

They want me as their hookup. And i have morals, I never just give sex out so it definetly isn't that. They all tell me its fine even if we dont have sex they just want to at least cuddle with me. What do i do about this? How do i attract the right guys?


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  • Hard to say without knowing you. I would need to know more about where guys approach you, what you do, what you wear, what kind of personality you have, etc.

    • I have an outgoing personality. Im in college though so i mainly have met guys at bars or in class.. i wear normal clothes maybe a little on the sluttier side but i mean again I'm in college.

    • Well, it is college, so you should expect a lot of that hook up culture, especially if you dress sexy.

      All I can think of is, maybe guys need to see more of your personality and interests. If there is a guy you like, find out if you share any interests and talk about those. In class, try to contribute with thoughtful and helpful participation.

      Other than that, I guess there's just to many variables. I will say this: if you're into shy guys, we were focused on school in college, but we WANTED to have girlfriends. So consider talking to the quiet, busy looking guys (just don't harass them!).

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