A guy I know messages that he misses me, that I look pretty but then he'll randomly stop replying for weeks. Is he just playing me?

I met him at school he's always busy so I never see him we mostly talk on snapchat. He teases me and I tease him back whenever we do see each other. If I post a pic he'll message right away usually saying he likes the pic. The way he talk and acts my friends say he likes me but then he'll suddenly stop replying sometimes for a few days. I don't know do you guys think he might actually like me or he's just playing with me and my emotions? How can I know for sure?


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  • Just play it safe and don't assume anything. Ask him to see where he stands and from there on, do whatever you have to do. It may seem weird to ask him, but do it for the sake of closure. I can give you assumptions from what I read from your post, but I think it's better if you know from him, yourself.


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