Girls, would you date a guy like me?

I'll put the details below.

- Physical traits:

18 years old, 5 foot 8, 160 lbs, Indian, black hair, brown eyes, glasses, no acne.

- Personality traits (based on what other people have told me)

Slightly funny, smart, quiet, shy (talkative around friends and aquaintances), caring, friendly, sweet

- Personal details

incoming college freshman, virgin

I've never been in a relationship and I'm shy so I'm not sure how attractive I am to women. Girls I know have told me that I am very friendly and that I am a sweet person. I'm play video games and read the news and I like to watch movies. I also play basketball and work out at the gym. I smile when speaking to friends. I work hard, but I do have issues with depression and anxiety which I'm working on. These affect my grades, though I am happy when I'm hanging with my friends. I try and be good to people and care for my friends and family. I'd prefer actual relationships (but meet as many people as possible in university). I will study computer science. I love meeting new people.


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  • Assuming we got along I would give it a go


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