Does this have potential of relationship or just a one time thing and move on?

Me and this coworker have been talking for about yr now his a manager in another dept we started of talking and hit it off we did flirt few times and sometimes I popped in his office to say hi & he always welcomed me, well I asked him for drinks looong time ago and he agreed and we exchanged # he didn't call me back and I let it go, then months after we started to talk ago and kinda but more casual when I switched dept to building next door we would occasionally stop by and sag hi. Fast work ward 5 months later he gave me ride home few times and since I live closer to him now he asked if I'm around his area to call him. Well I waited another month and finally called him we meet at nice bar and had few drinks had good conversation and fun time we both ended up having few more & then he started to put moves running his hand on lower leg while we talked if waiting at bad he would put his hand on my back and then we went to sit down we faces each other and we would just rub my legs and stuff hold my hand and when I stood up he grab me and gave me gentle kiss on neck we ended up pretty tips and he asked what I want to do go to another bar walk around go chill so in said go chill it was 2am we got together around 7pm I was tired so we walked to his place and he gave me an amazing kiss on elevator and we ended up hooking up and he kept saying it was amazing we feel asleep and I had to leave so he walked me to my car and gave me few more kisses and nice hug. Since I've liked him for while and we had good time I said we should go out again and he totally agreed. I waited few days and called him to go out again he had plans with family but said he wants to see me before I have to back to work from vacation. I'm kinda stuck in middle I really like him and we had good time he doesn't seem like type if guy who only hookes up but I've been wrong before about guys. What can I do know to keep him but same time not to scare him away. I don't think he had relationship in wh
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  • make sure he also like you


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