Is it bad that I'm a straight guy who's turning twenty soon yet never been in a relationship with a girl and have only ever hooked up with one?

Girla kind of make me nervous. In my experience what they put forward is never what's true. Like they wear masks and the way the fight with you is vicious as hell so I'm a little scared to get involved with one.


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  • Yo, same! Girls scare the crap out of me. That's why I usually hang with the boys. It's not weird or abnormal that you haven't been in a relationship with a girl at 20. A lot of people haven't at your age. Not every girl is terrible and vicious, though. You just have to keep looking. Life is all about taking chances. So take one. :)


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  • No, it's not bad. I got into my first relationship only when I was 23, and hadn't even hooked up with anyone. Age is just a number, in the end.


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  • You are nervous and intimidated because you don't know yourself to be strong but only being weak. But are all girls a total bitch to u?

    • Didn't say anything about being intimidated and I'm not weak. I just don't like drama and don't want to risk getting involved with that shit

    • You are already assuming the worse and how many girls do you know enough to make a big statement like that?

      I dont think its bad. Being a singleton for you maybe very well the best thing for you after all if you are continuously fearing the worst in girls.

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