I have done everything I thought I need to do to find a guy, but still haven't met anyone?

so i moved about a month ago to a big city and im currently going to uni. I have made friends, im applying to a job im pretty sure im going to get, my subjects are interesting, i got my own apartment and im social and i go out in the weekends.

But to be honest I thought meetings guys would be easier for me after i moved. Im putting myself out htere for once by going out way more then used to and being social and talkative with everyone i meet. I also go to the gym a lot and i signed up as an volunteer-- But meetings guys im interested in, and that are interested in me seems to be impossible. I felt and still feel totally ignored by guys.. the only guys that dont ignor me are guys i talk to and my friends..

I decided to join a dating app to increase my chances of meeting someone, but its not going too well and the one date i had planned with didn't show up.. or he used ages to come so i decided i dont have time for him. I dont know what to do anymore.. the only guy that i obvious likes me is a guy i work as a volunteer with and there is not a bone in my body thats attracted to him..

Anyway, any advice? i dont know what to do at this point.. i mean i have done all the things i thought i needed to do to meet a guy: i got close guy friends, i meet a lot of new people, im a part of an social group etc.


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  • What kind of guy do you want to attract?
    It seems to me you are rushing too much.

    • just a genuine, nice and sweet guy. whos cute ofc.. i dont want anyone super fancy.. as long as he has most of his shit togheter and treats me right thats all that matters really

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  • a month isn't really enough time to be worrying already. And certainly no need to be rushing things. In fact, you already have build yourself a social circle. Most people take longer than a month to even find 1 friend...

    Online dating can be a lot of fun, and in your case a blessing, because if you go on dates in a new city you will meet new places everytime automatically, plus get to know the insider tips you would normally take years to learn.
    Just don't take those dates too seriously.
    Maybe your online profile isn't good and needs some improvement. It could be little things that are off putting.

    In the meantime, just keep on doing what you do and soon enough you'll meet someone interesting.


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  • 1. Stop being so desperate about it.
    You never find a love-interest when you're trying...
    Just enjoy yourself, have fun and out of nowhere when you're not thinking about it, you'll meet a guy that likes you and you like too!

    Don't stop dating though, just be relaxed and have fun :)
    You're young, you don't have to be in a rush :D

    • 1. im trying.. but it has been like this all my life and i have an hard time not feeling like a loser for not even dating a little, i might date once or twice a year.. And people say that "it will come when i at least expect it", but i dont really belive it, it hasn't been the case so far

      And im relaxing, its just a bit frustrating not knowing why no guys, no interesting guy at least, seems to be interested on you..

    • I understand!
      I had the same problem 3 years ago..
      But maybe it's because you are not relaxing?
      You might think that you're taking it easy, when you're really not.
      You sound really frustrated, and I totally understand you
      But the important thing is to just be yourself and not rush into anything!
      I date less that twice a year...
      To me I was really desperate, and like you, I didn't believe the people saying "it come when you least expect it"
      But trust me, it really does.
      When I started not caring about it anymore, suddenly there were a bunch of guys wanting to date me.
      It's like waiting for the bus, when you need it to be on time it's not, but when you're not busy there will be 3 busses ready for ya

      Just be yourself and let the universe handle it for you <3

  • I know someone for you. You can be so good with him. Just write me to help you sister (:


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