Why is it so hard to get a classy girl in this day and age?

A university graduate with ambition and responsibility with traditional values intact.
She takes care of her appearance and acts lady like.


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  • I chose the apprenticeship route personally and work in a hospital legal department. I can be off to court at the drop of a hat. It's something I would call responsible and ambitious. In my area, a person who has done an apprenticeship is more likely to get a job than a graduate, and no debt so for me university was an illogical choice.


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  • it honestly might just be hard for you within your local area.

    • I think they are a rare "commodity" in society

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    • me looking? nah not at the moment. im just chillin' for now.

    • If you go back to early 90's chances are you would fairly easily find one

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  • why does she have to be a uni graduate? I have a damn good job ad I didn't waste my time at uni. I have also been brought up well and I am ladylike...

    • The guy probably wants someone at his age.

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    • Yes its also the academic lifestyle I like the n a girl but its not the end of the world

    • most 'academics' these days major in alcohol consumption. I found my time was better spent learning a job in finance and accounts.

  • well, girls like that is exist somewhere.
    and most of the time, they're still single bcoz too busy with her career and thinking about the same question too "where are all the classy guy gone?"

  • They don't hang out in easy to find areas. My entire group of friends fit your description. But honestly, they don't go to bars etc. You're going to have to break into their house to even meet them!

    • Thanks for the advice I'm turning into a burgular from now on

  • What does "traditional values intact" even mean? lol

    Most girls I know take care of their appearance also.

    • Values of respecting a relationahip

    • Like loyalty, respect and fidelity? Normally when people on this site say "traditional" they want a house wife, so I had to ask.

  • because most girls aren't like that anymore.

  • You want an intellectual? Haha! Being a uni-grad doesn't make you an intellectual, it makes you in-debt.

    Well the kind of lady you are after would most likely think this website is utterly childish and would think the same of a man asking a load of virgins and sexually repressed post-teens where or why he can't find a woman like the one you described.

    I think you are a long way off being the kind of man to attract such a woman.

    • Wow a site full of virgins and sexually repressed teens way to generalise the demographics of this site ohh by the way you forgot the trolls

    • you can't not generalise and give general information.

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