Girls, What is Linda thinking?

A Random guy called " Zorro" approached a girl known as " Linda" after class and started to talk to her. After a brief chat , "Linda" offered to give Zorro a drive home.
Zorro said it was fine and thanked her , but also mentioned that he would prefer to walk and meet her later sometime in class.

After few days, "Linda" saw Zorro again from a distance and sits at a bench. Zorro came up again and started to talk to her. But within a few minutes , "Linda" said that she had to get some food and left immediately.

Zorro began to think that "Linda" has avoided him or hated him. So a couple of days later, when Zorro saw "Linda" in class, he avoided eye-contact with "Linda" , but Zorro quickly caught "Linda" smiling at a random guy standing next to Zorro.

5 days later Zorro completely looked down and away, when he saw " Linda" again to avoid her completely. But this time " Linda" actually came up to him first and said " Hi" to start a conversation.

SO... the question is what's up with " Linda" ? From "Linda's" viewpoint what does she think about Zorro?



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  • She might've actually been getting food and realised zoro thought she was avoiding him and decided to talk to him. It's hard to tell if she's attracted or just wants to be friends

    • Thanks :) I understand that you say it's hard to tell if she is attracted or just want to be friends.

      BUT what does your instinct say as a girl... Is she attracted or want to be friends?

    • I'm leaning more towards her being attracted to him since she made an effort to talk to him

    • Thanks again :) But why do you think she is avoiding Zorro or smiling at the other guy/guys? It looks like she is trying to piss off Zorro?

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