Why would she give me her number only to text me later that she didn't want me to text her or call her anymore?

So that happened with a girl from school, we had the same classes i thought evrythign was going fine, so i asked for her number which she gave it to me. I texted her next day which she did answer, i have texted her everyday with short messages like hey whats up? she always answered. But then one day, she was acting very strange and different, i asked her what was going on? why she changed and she told me that it made her uncomfortable me texting and calling her and that i can't do that anymore with her and that i can only talk to her in class.


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  • If you are really 25-29 and in school (working on a masters or doctorate ) you should be more intelligent. It IS creepy to just text "what's up?" Text with purpose. Ask her out or ask a valid work/school related question. My guess is;
    1) You've lost your shot at this girl.
    2) you are not 26-29

    • lol why do you have to be so mean?

    • Just keeping it real. The truth hurts. Take this knowledge with you and good luck in the future.

    • So i dont have any chance at all?

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  • She probably has something going on in her life right now, and to be honest, trying to predict what a teenage girl is thinking is like figuring out a way to walk on the sun.
    Just so you know in the future, when a girl gives you her number, you text once and only once and see if she responds. If and when she does, don't start the next convo, let her do it. You need to let her start the convos sometimes, else she'll just get bored and think you're desperate, even if you're not. My brother does this all the time and I try to tell him, but he won't listen.
    Also, unlike my brother, don't text her all day, everyday. It's ok to end conversations sometimes; give yourself a little mysterious look if you want to put it that way.
    tl;dr Sometimes start convos and sometimes end them. This way, work load is equalized and no one looks desperate or gets bored.


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  • she just wanted attention.


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  • I guess she just gave it to you to be nice. She isn't interested though, even not as a friend. Just a classmate. Lose her number and I wouldn't even talk to her in class.

  • She most probably got influenced by her friends. I have had such an experience too I thought everything was going fine going out on dates and all but , she suddenly decided to become cold and she claimed that she couldn't be anything but a friend. It sucks but I moved on. Bottom line girls are complicated and expect drama


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