Girls, why is she running hot and cold?

So I'm overseas visiting relatives and met this girl. We started dating and everything seemed right, but after some weeks, she began asking about our relationship status: she's says she's not ready for a serious relationship and since neither am I, we agreed to taking it slow. We kept dating and a week or two later she told me she doesn't want a long-distance relationship but she doesn't want to be just friends either. She then says that when I'm in the country (I visit twice a year for two months) we're together, but when I'm not we're allowed to see other people. I like the idea and she seemed to like it too. After all, it was her idea. A week later I text her to arrange a date, and she replies with "I don't think that's a good idea, because we both know it ends with kissing, hooking up." That confused me since we agreed to take it slow and see where it goes a week before. I didn't pursue her at all during the week, so I was really shocked. I replied asking her what she means and after short texting back and forth (around 5-6 texts), she texted "You came into my life at a point where I'm confused and don't know what to do and now you're a part of this mess too." I ignored that text and didn't reply.

What's up with her hot and cold behaviour? I'm in the country for another month, so it's really fucked up.


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  • she's just playing games.

    • Care to elaborate? Why would she play games?

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