What does it mean if a girl kissed me on the lips on New Years?

So I was at the party and everyone was pretty drunk on new years. And the girl that I have liked for a long time just came up to me out of nowhere an started like an in between a kiss and a make out with for somewhere around three seconds. And then I noticed that she kissed the other people she kissed on the cheek. What does this necessarily mean?

nope she didn't kiss me on the cheek. What I mean is kinda a lip wrestle I guess? I dunno, I maybe paying too close attention to details.


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  • did she kiss you on the cheek as well? you said between a kiss and making out for 3 seconds? how is that possible..to make out for 3 seconds hehe I guess it was just a kiss!

    perhaps if she kissed you on the lips then it certainly means she likes you. otherwise she was just drunk!

    but maybe because she was drunk and she likes you so she kissed you!


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  • nothing!


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  • dude, it was a kiss.. she hardly got down on one knee for you. Get over it, there will be plenty more kisses in your life, and if you are lucky, you might even get a few blowjobs.

    A kiss don't mean sh*t.. iv f***ed girls and still not got anywhere with them. don't get all hot under the collar.