I wanna dos omething cute for my boyfriend?

My boyfriend always comfotrs me and make me feel better and i wanna do something for him that would make him really happy to show that i care about him i dont want to get him a gift i want to do something for him example like write a song what are some options that u think are cute?


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  • I wouldn't recommend doing something super elaborate because he's a guy and not likely to appreciate it the way you might.

    Have you read The 5 Love Languages? It's a great book and helps couples identify their preferred method of receiving love. Some people prefer praise, some prefer being touched, some preferred acts of kindness, some prefer receiving gifts, etc.

    It's best to find out how he prefers to receive your love so that you can do that, instead of just doing what you prefer.

    For example, I used to love leaving my girlfriends little notes around her bedroom and book bag for her to find later. But I didn't realize that she preferred touch (holding hands, hugs, massage, etc) and didn't really react as appreciative as I expected.

    And so writing a song is pretty cute, but maybe first find out what he prefers just to save yourself the energy?

    And congrats on being awesome enough to even think about it. He probably really appreciates you. :D

    ~ Robby

    • ik he sings so i thought that would be a cute gift he lives like 45 minutes away so its kind of hard to leave notes uk lol

    • Oh well that's fair. When I say notes I mean sneak them in his pockets and bags when you hang out next. Or even random cute text messages go a long way... I like to just send photos with no explanation. Photos of random funny things I see or find online.

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  • You said it! A song is a sweet idea. Or make a video that shows good moments of you two together.


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  • It sounds like you have a great relationship, FYI

    I know that I would like a girl to tell me how much she appreciates what I'm doing. You can tell him, put it in a card, whatever. It's the little things letting us know how you feel that we like. When he does something for you, make sure he knows you noticed and appreciated it. And I know you weren't looking to do a gift, but a box of cookies is really awesome :) even better if you make than


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  • write him a song!


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