Guess what, her Ex won! What do I do?

Guess what, her Ex won! What do I do?

I kinda like her. She says she doesn't have any boyfriend but she's very close with her ex. She considers him her bestfriend, she says. Today was her birthday. I wished her happy birthday but she didn't reply like for 10 mins. After that she did and I asked her who else wished. She said her ex (earlier than I did :p). He wrote an essay for her which seems to me she's very pleased and happy about. She said they're gonna meet tomorrow. There are currently texting, maybe that's why she's not replying me that much. I don't know if they're secretly dating or not.

I bought a doreamon teddy bear (cause she watches doraemon sometimes :p) and about 5 Flamor nail paints (she loves painting nails). I gave it to her in class. She thanked me but we didn't talk much, she left. Afterwards she messaged that she thought her mom was there so she left in a hurry. Few hours later though, she called and thanked me for the gift. I was very happy that she loved it.

Later at night I knocked her on whatsapp asking how her day went. She was replying slowly, took about 5-15 mins to reply back. And all she talked about what her ex did for her. He showed up by surprise, bought a cake, teddy bear and so much more. All she talked about was her ex. I do feel bad but I'm happy for her. If her ex makes her happy, who am I to intervene. I do feel like my gift wasn't important or it didn't factor to her being so happy today, for which I'm a little hurt, I won't lie. I just think that it's about time I move on because her ex is always going to be the one, even though they are currently ex. But we have classes together, like 5 days a week and it will go on for about a couple more months I think. I do not want to ruin any friendship with her but how do I stay friends with her but not have any feelings? Thanks!


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  • just move on and dont stay friends.

    • Do you think not staying friends (which would mean kinda avoiding her) would be the wise thing here? I believe I should not be hurtful because it's not her fault, tbh. It's my fault that I fell for the wrong girl & it's me who needs to move on.

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