What are your experiences with dating foreigners?

How are they different from people you date from your own country?

There's this girl I like who lives in Indonesia and I can't really explain why I'm not attracted to Americans (all types not just white).


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  • Well it depends on whether we're talking about a LDR (you in America and her in Indonesia) or just a foreigner in your country (the Indonesian girl living in America).

    I've dating an Austrian who was an exchange student in my country. It was great to talk about our different cultures and he also didn't have the same sort of general attitude as the rest of the guys from my country. That was refreshing and increased my interest in him and attraction. Of course he had to go back home and long distance did not suit us very well. But that's got more to do with kilometres and miles than with being foreign.

    So all in all I think the different mindset, culture and outlook on life that foreigners have can make for a really dynamic relationship. And that's great. But having so many differences can become a problem if you both aren't completely tolerant, accommodating and willing to compromise on certain things.

    • Thanks, it's nice to get some insight on the adventure I'm pursuing.

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    • I shall adjust accordingly, thank you.

    • You're welcome. Thanks for the MHO. Good luck!

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  • Can't tell, never dated one.

  • It can be a bit weird if you're not familiar with their culture.


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