Guys, Q to guys serious only pls quick?

This guy I like and thought he liked me but furst he told me he was single then later that he's single but he's got possessive girlfriend so to keep short I didn't chase him I spoke maybe twice on friendly level with him and one time I find in blocked on fb then I saw him at work he was happy to see mr told me that she knows his passwords so I am not idiot so I told him he has to sort it out and excused myself went home I gave him my number that day then week later he text me he broke up and he ask me out then it was 11pm after his work so first he said if I'd like to c him in days off as it was and then that he'd like to c me now so I declined and told him I could see him in couple of days as that'd feel b booty call then I message him 2 days later and I get blocked again so shall I play this back at him and call him middle of night as I'm not sleeping and he's finishing work maybe he'd like to show me that best kisser in the world that he said he was and fall asleep before he comes? Or how to get him crazy and show him I'm a catch that he's lost by being an idiot and make him run after me?
I wanted to do it tonight as my friend saw him talking on phone doing kisses and that's he'd see someone tonight lol


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  • I wouldn't waste my time with all the games just to get back at him , just ignore him for awhile, obviously you can't take him seriously at the moment

    • I'm not a laying games but looks like he is and I thought he was genuine guy

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    • Well yes but I'm not going to be some other girl that waits for his call when he feels like it so I don't know how he broke up changed passwords and 2 days later he got back to his possessive girlfriend that I think he's only known few more weeks than me so this whole thing is crazy and I want him to c me the right what

    • Well I wouldn't be waiting around for him to call I would just occupy my time with something else for now and let him sort this stuff out

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  • Move on. Sounds like you could find better men than that.


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