Girls, How would you feel if a guy was honest in why he did not want to be with you? Would you accept/respect it or think there is a hidden truth?

Women never seem to take rejection well.


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  • I've been rejected before and took it for what it is. There's no reason to believe in hidden meanings. They aren't interested so better move on and find someone else.

    • you seem very mature, a lot olf women do not deal with rejection well

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  • I would be greatful he was honest. I guess it depends on the reason. I might wonder if there's more to it... but most likely, I'd just accept it. Nothing u can really do about it if someone doesn't want to b with u no matter what the reason is...

    • How bout this one ( my reasoning )

      I have been with the same reason, on and off for 25 years with three kids and just need a break.

      I would love to have you as a friend but just need a break from the demands and expectations of a relationship. i really need some 'me time'

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    • That's fair... maybe she just doesn't wanna let u go

    • Oh, it is not the woman I was with, that is over. She is in Wales, i am in Australia. More so other women showing an interest in I. Mainly for i meet plenty while teaching dance

  • I would accept and respect it. If more guys actually were honest when breaking up with girls, I feel it would be a lot easier for them to move on.

  • I don't know about other girls, but I would prefer a guy to be honest & upfront to me than making me think otherwise or just cut off communication & conversation all together.


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