Are these good signs that a guy likes me & things are heading in the right direction?

So I've been dating a guy for just over a week now! We've met up three times, one of which I stayed the night at his (no sex). Good points so far:

1) he's told me he likes me.
2) said seeing me isn't a chore.
3) were always staring at each other & smiling over nothing or making funny faces at each other.
4) he's always touching me, like cuddling me, tickling me.
5) were always making out I feel like I'm a teenager again.
6) he's always mimicking me.
7) were always laughing around each other & he's always teasing me.
8) when I stayed he hugged me all night, even when I tried to move away at one point because I was hot.
9) he's gotten slightly jealous twice now.

Does it sound like everything's heading in the right direction? & he's really into me


Most Helpful Guy

  • Yeah he likes you, and it's going good so far, and did he let you go when you were hot? Be careful he doesn't become controlling, controlling only applies if he didn't let you go when u wanted too. But so far it's on the right path.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Yes. BUT do yourself a favor and stop over thinking it and just enjoy him and his company and see where it goes


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  • All good signs!!


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