Are really fit girls ever into guys who aren't in great shape?

There's a girl at work who I've been flirting with (I think it's flirting at least) for a few months. She's amazing and gorgeous and exceptionally fit, like she leads the morning bootcamp classes at our building. I'm totally into this girl and I *think* she likes me, but I'm worried that girl as fit as she is wouldn't be into a guy like me. I'm not physically repugnant at all, I'm tall and in relatively good shape. It's just that she's in off-the-charts condition and extremely beautiful. I'm very confident and I know I have a lot to offer a girl, but she's such a big fish that she has me doubting myself a bit. We get along great and have awesome conversations, so there is a connection there. Is it possible she could go for a guy like me?

p. s. she's about a year older than me if that makes any difference.
I do feel like I have a lot to offer a girl, but a girl like her who is so into fitness seems like she might demand to be with a bodybuilder type guy.


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  • I think you should go for it you see girls are girls we only want someone to feel warm with not some kind of model that stares at the miror each two minutes if you are funny she will be easily attracted to you i think from the way you are talking she really means a lot to you so don't give up (sorry for the English it's not my first language)


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  • Of course. As long as you are not a fat slob. You have a shot with her.

  • Most want a guy who is equally fit.


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