Have I ruined it? does he like me?

I've started a new college...

but there's this guy there, he is pretty cute
but I don't know if he thinks the same.
Firstly, ii've caught him in lessons staring at me many times.
I don't know why he keeps looking at me,
yet we barely talk, last Friday I had to perform a song for the first time and he put his thumbs up, and then after all the performances i felt someone tread on my shoelace, i look at him and he says " sorry, don't worry it was just the chair, you were great by the way!" and often he is near me...
does he hate me? why does he not speak to me a lot? all we do is stare at each other and i'm dead shy, i find it hard to talk to people.


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  • Lock your doors!!!

    He probably likes you start talking to him about lessons est...

    • how doi talk to him? :( i'm so scared and shy it sucks ass!

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    • Lol don't think like that! He obviously tries to talk to you!

    • Just did

  • No, he likes you, very definitely.

    • how do you kow?

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    • But i'm not sure how to start the conversation

    • So here's the deal, my girlfriend was crazy shy, I first tried to approach her and talk, she ignored me, I kept trying for a bit and I eventually figured she just wasn't interested, I kept trying to talk to her cause I just wanted her to say hi or something, she finally did but the conversation was in my view, one sided by her and designed to be nice but clear she wasn't interested, so I quit... about a month later she spoke to me asking why I left her alone and asked me to go to a movie, had she not done that we would not be together cause I read her shyness as dis interest, and according to her it took her weeks to get the courage to come talk to me. You don't have to have a mind blowing conversation, you just need to find enough courage to say hi and make a little small talk and if he reaches out to you, at least act like you are interested

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