Would you vouch for someone at work?

The new guy at my job (hes been there a month. Were not friends not bf/gf we slpet together one time. Everyone at work thinks were together cause were alway together) has been late to work 3 times this week. Today he was suppose to work at 12 he didn't show up. So my job called me looking for him. I said "I have no idea where he is" I called him he didn't answer. I texted him no answer.

SO 3 hours later he shows up to work. My boss and supervisor talk to him. My boss is thinking about firing him. I told her I'll vouch for him" She said "Your on the line too, This is it. If he's late again its a wrap" Im too nice of a person.

Im beyond pissed at him. I dont want to talk to him. I dont want anyone to lose their job but the way he's been acting lately is just DUMB.


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  • You shouldn't have put yourself in the line. You have no idea what is going on with him.


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