How do you turn from texting and snapchatting all the time to an actual date?

So I have a huge crush on this girl who snapchats me all the time and texts when she can't. We flirt a lot over the phone but in school she pretends to not even notice me. I mean I can talk to her and she will respond but tries to get away when she can. Its not that I have something wrong it just seems that way. I mean I'm not gonna ask if she likes me because this is the internet and I mean you can't really tell if she likes me or not, but does anyone have any advice or opinions? Thanks.


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  • i used to do that with my current boyfriend before i started dating him. In theory she really liked you, but is nervous around you and is uncomfortable and awkward and doesn't know what to say. ask her if she wants to hang out with you one-on-one thats the only way that i have done getting around transitioning the relationship from texting and snapchat to real life


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  • Tell her you like her. You might as well.
    But before that, CALL her, and ask if she wants to get dinner and see a movie with you. That's pretty clearly a date. Near the end of the date, confess.


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  • I feel like the girl in this situation. I know the guy in my problem feels the same way you do. I am literally so scared to talk to him. He makes me feel like the world through text and he would in person too. But I am really nervous to talk to him in person because I am scared of messing up, laughing weird, saying the wrong thing, etc. It's hard for the girls. So if she likes you, she probably feels the same way as me.

    • I wish I could be on the other end of it lol. But if he likes you, you are in the green already and honestly there is nothing to screw up because you are perfect in his eyes. I hope I helped you too.

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