I can't talk to him?

I like him, he likes me. But he is legit so hot that I can't talk to him for more than 3 minutes in person. HELP?


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  • If you have his number it makes it a lot easier. I had did that with a crush who didn't like me back. But I mean you could try to get in a long conversation about something like school work or computers for example and see if he will talk to you for longer. I think he just feels awkward around you and is not exactly comfortable yet

    • yeah but it's me that is so nervous. he comes up to me in the halls at school and talks to me but I just tell him I have to go to class or avoid the convo.

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    • I always apologize and he says "it' fine. it's cute." Well how long is it going to stay cute and not annoying that I am nervous to speak to him?

    • It depends how comfortable he feels around you

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  • Try avoiding eye contact if it helps?


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  • calm down, do't look at his face if you have problems with it. maybe bring up the fact hat you like each other, that may make him ask you out if you like each other enough

  • I have had this happen to me a couple times, girl was so nervous she could hardly talk. You will grow out of it as you open up to him, it's really cute when girl does this; so don't think is bad..

  • he always busy or something?

    • no like I'm too scared to talk to him in person!!

    • just go and say hi or wave and smile

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