Is he playing hard to get?

I've been dating this guy for a month now. He used to text and snapchat me every day, all the time, and he was the one who would ask me days in advance to set up a date. He came on really hot and heavy at first.

Then I went to Vegas a couple of weeks ago and he just suddenly stopped texting me as much. He would check in here and there, and I recently went to his birthday party, and that went really well. When I am with him, he acts perfect and I know that he is genuinely interested. He cooked dinner for us and he compliments me frequently and is affectionate.

But now when we're apart he doesn't even contact me. He looks immediately at my snapchats, and I know he's using his phone frequently.

One weird thing about this is that he is moving in January, five hours away. He didn't say it, but it seems pretty obvious that he doesn't want a relationship because of distance. However, he says he isn't sleeping with anyone else right now. For my part, I haven't said that I'm not sleeping with anyone else, and I think he knows that I'm dating other guys. He doesn't show any jealousy or ask questions though.

Thoughts? I can't tell if he's playing games or he's just lazy now because we've been seeing each awhile now or this is just how he is.


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  • He's getting ready to slow fade you out darling. Sorry about that.


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