Girls, Why are all girls taken?

Everywhere I go all the girls are with their husbands/boyfriends, mainly due to the fact that I am Indian by race and I get judged by the colour of my skin and not by the content of my charachter. I guess women in america only want black thugs and skinny white boys. And in their eyes people like me are "the enemy" even though I am a CHRISTIAN not a muslim and not a hindu.


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  • Well just like you don't like being judged, don't judge everyone right back? That's so hypocritical. Maybe it's the area you're in America. Where i'm from there are lots of indian men and women and families and nobody judges.
    9/11 wasn't even real dude, lots of people are realizing that little by little. You aren't the "enemy" so stop acting like that's the reason you can't get some booty.

    • Well thats how I am treated no matter where I go. I once even asked the lady at the gym where the nearest church is and she thought I was asking about a hindu temple.

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    • And I hope people call you derogatory names like beaner and wetback and I hope you all get deported back to your cesspool of a homeland. You also shouldn't hate what you don't understand. Whatever you say to me also applies to you. bloody spic.

    • Omg shut up

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  • That really sucks if people pre-judge you. But not all women are taken and think like that. Might just be the ones you've interacted with, but not all women.

  • they just got to them first.


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