Guys, do you think it's okay for the girl to be the one who asks you out?

Honestly all, but one, of the guys I have dated were asked out by me. I tend to give them quite some time but eventually can't handle the wait and ask them my self. Usually what happens is:
1. They pretend I didn't ask (so I get the hint that of course they don't feel the same).
2. Laugh at my self like an amature
3. Smile and say "Cool" and might turn into a "sure lets date" or "thats nice, but I'm kinda not ready..."

So, what do you think? Is it okay for the girl to ask you because she is tired of waiting for you to ask or should she wait and if you don't move soon then it should mean you aren't interested?


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  • I mean if you seriously like a guy yeah sure that's fine! I mean if you guys even have sexual tension than yeah. But generally being a guy its sort of my role to ask the girl out, and honestly then I can plan a date etc. So yeah its okay in certain circumstances... but certainly if you can't wait means you are sort of needy/clingy and can come off as unattractive.

    Honestly don't rush a guy into things... nor should you yourself, it tends to not work out too well.

    And if a guy doesn't move, that doesn't mean he's not interested all of the time. It can mean he's too embarrassed to ask. Always keep that in mind.

    • This is really helpful, thanks... i'll use it in 20 years when I meet a guy hahaha

    • There will be plenty of guys who make the move... you just haven't found them yet. Enjoy life while it lasts.

  • It's the 21st Century. Its cool by me if a girl asks me out.


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