I like a guy read below?

Ok I have three things, one i like this guy but he likes someone else how can I draw attention away from her and focus more on me, two how can I get his number without actually asking him, and three how can I talk to him more if I have no classes with him and were not super good friends to hang out alone with out other girls to distract? Please help


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  • 1) by being more attractive than her, or paying more attention to him than she does. Like, a lot, but without being obsessive.

    2) Ask if you can use his phone, call your own phone, answer your phone, say "Thanks, I'll text you later".

    3) You can find him in the halls and walk with him to class.

    Trust me, it's easier for girls to distract guys than the other way around.


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  • 1) Introduce competition - Flirt with some of his friends
    2) I'd try facebook messages instead.
    3) Find out what are his hobbies - He plays baseball? Bang you play baseball now. He is a gamer? Bang you kick his CS-GO

  • Why dont you just ask us how to slay a dragon made out of Adamantium?

  • If you don't know him, how do you know you like him

    Also, that's not cool. If he likes someone else, respect that!


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