Why can't I find someone that likes me?

So I'm single and I have been for 3 years now, I don't know why I can't find anyone. So here's a bit bout me
I'm 18, I think im cute but that's what I've been told, short, I haven't reached 5ft, I dye my hair often, green eyes, I'm shy around new people, after I get to know you and trust you a bit, I'll open up a bit more. Im a bit over weight not fat, but I'm hasky. I'm pretty active, I like walking when I'm with other people. I like fixing trucks and boats, swimming is something I do almost everyday. I'm often seen hanging with friends. At night! I'm still shy lol, but I play videogames, and or color and watch TV to relieve stress. I'm told I'm funny along with being really nice and helpful.

Dating wise, I'm chill bout who you hang with, I like cuddles and kisses along with hugs, I've never been hugged from behind so I don't know I want someone who'll cook with me, go for long drives at night, and walk around with me. I'm a simple girl I think.

Why can't I find anyone? Is it cuz im really shy? Or is the type of guy I want to hard to find? Tips are always helpful too and don't be afraid to ask questions. I'm willing to answer lol :) thanks for reading


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  • Stop looking for someone and enjoy your life, enjoy being young and without heavy adult burdens! Someone perfect will come along when you least expect it. Maybe you're not meeting someone because you're not going out and meeting new people? All your hobbies and interests don't exactly scream a social environment, they seem quite introvert which is no problem but you need to branch out and put yourself within new situations with new groups of people. Being shy is fine too but it might make you hard to read so just make sure that if you don't meet someone who takes your fancy, try and convey your interest as much as you can within your comfort zone. I think you're a nice take home to mum kinda girl and you just need to find a sweet hearted gentleman to whisk you off your feet. Hold tight, good things come to those who wait ☺


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