How should I get a connection I missed with girl on bus?

Met this cute girl on the train. Started talking, she smiled and laughed a bit at my corny jokes. Anyways, she didn't really approach me, but did ask questions about me. Her stop came up quick and she said it's nice to meet you and quickly hopped off.

i gathered if she was interested she would have lete know more. The net thing I was going to say in. Break in our conversation was to get her number or contact info.

thoughts about looking her up on LinkedIn? I think it's unlikely I would see her on the train again... Or I could keep trying?
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  • Do you know her name? where does she live? last name?

    Those are enough, look for her on facebook.

    • Yes I know her first name

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    • Oh man... Well, keep trying and the best luck for you 😊

    • Should I ignore her if I run into her?

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  • keep trying

    • Should I wait to see her on the bus or connect with her on Linkedin?

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    • Yeah... Seeing on the bus is less creepy I feel

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  • Aww!! So sorry you was caught up on her that you didn't get her #. 😞 Sorry

    • I know, she moved quick. Well, should I try to connect with her on Linkedin?

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    • does what I suggest sound good? Like, Hey nice to meet you, would you like to get a cup of coffee?

    • or should I just ask for her number?

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