Question about a girl that I really like! Haven't spoken in over a week.. advice?

So I am sure this is a waste of time, but figured I'd see if I could get any advice on the subject.. Have known this girl for about 5,6 years as friends and about a couple months ago we hung out (went on a date). It went really well. We kept in touch, hung out a little bit more, then I went back to LA. She is from NYC and lives in NYC. I live in LA now but come to NYC a lot.. We met in Las Vegas for a weekend and had an awesome time. Things were going great. Kept chatting after LV, but suddenly we both just kind of stopped texting/communicating with each other. Was kind of weird.. It's been a little over a week since we've been in touch, and I'm just wondering what happened? I'm back in NYC for a couple months, and we talked about doing stuff while I'm here, but I mean neither of us has gotten in touch. I don't REALLY want to be the first one to reach out, as Im not in the mood to get rejected, but just wondering what could have happened? If she's not interested anymore so be it, I can deal, other fish in the sea, but I really liked her, and it seemed as if she liked me.. (maybe I'm wrong.) She works a lot but maybe she's just not into me like I thought she was.. Anyway anyone ever been in the same situation? I guess I'll just let it go, but would love some advice if anyone feels so inclined! OK thanks peeps!
Also, if she is to get back in touch, how should I act? Like I didn't notice she was gone? Don't even mention the fact or reason for the lag in being in touch?


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  • I think you should text her.

    This time if you do hang out again... you have to be prepared in asking if she wants something more to blossom out of this.

    Realistically, you both live in two different states, with two different lives.
    You both would be in a long distance relationship.
    Can you BOTH handle that?

    Casually hanging out with someone and enjoying their company is always great!
    But it doesn't necessarily mean I am interested in things going further with that person.

    It doesn't mean that she doesn't like you,
    but as mentioned she has a very busy life.
    Maybe she lacks time.

    You'll never know unless you go for it!
    Go for it my friend!


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  • Ok there are million reasons why the no contact, don't agonize over it... just text her. Ask her how things are going... let her respond and if she she waits a long time to reply or says very little, don't push it. Just back off and move on. If the conversation continues, then mention your trip to NY and suggest seeing her and take notice of her reaction. Wish you the best :-)

  • Could have something to do with the fact that you all are living so far apart. She may also think you don't want anything more than what you two have been doing. Ask her out again, see what happens

  • Maybe she's wondering the same thing as you? Should she make the first move. Dude! Dive in! You know the worst that can happen.


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