Went on an awesome second date, how do I know he is interested?

I met a guy through Tinder. We are both the same age, 28. We went to a design museum on our first date, was having endless conversations, which extended over dinner and even afterwards. There was no awkward moments and we got along perfectly well. We have common interests, and he is very smart, humorous, and sweet. We went on another date on last Saturday, met up for brunch, walked around the city aimless and chatted away. We ended up getting dinner and went our separate ways after the subway ride. To be honest, I'm very interested in this guy. I haven't met anyone quite like him and I hope he wants the same thing as I am. He seemed to enjoy my company, otherwise he wouldn't want to spent more than 10 hours with me on our second date, right?

He sent me a text the following day saying, "Hey, thanks for yesterday :) I had a really awesome time just hanging out!". I replied, "I always have a great time with you! Can't believe we actualy spent the entire day together :)", but having heard back since.

He doesn't seem to like to text very much though, which bothers me, but this is the only thing that bothers me. He talks about his family, work, and friends pretty openly, and he seems like a truth genuine person that'd like to be in a relationship with. Plus, he is super cute! I'm really attracted to him overall.

How do I know he is interested to be more than just friends? We haven't kissed yet, nor have any sort of physical contact yet, which makes nervous a little bit.

Inputs and thoughts? Thanks!


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  • Only time will tell. You have to wait and find out. Many, many things could be going on. It makes no sense to overthink, speculate or guess. Of course, if you figure out how to stop doing this, please tell me how, I've never been able to.

    What you do know is that you've had a great time, conversation, and you're feeling it.

    You can wait for him to contact you again, or contact him first, maybe invite him somewhere. Either way won't turn him off if he's interested, won't turn him on if he's not.

    Good luck!

    • Hey, give us an update! Did you two fly to Las Vegas and get married?

    • @FreeLunch No, things didn't work out between us. I do still think about him from time to time though.

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  • Guys are always taught to not come on too strong, to wait X amount of time before doing this or that. He's interested, and he's taking his time in the hopes that it works out. If a guy isn't interested, he generally won't lie and say that he had a great time. Guys normally don't lead women on, and won't keep investing our time in someone we're not interested in.


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  • he lost interest. just let him go.


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